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My calm and precise approach will help you explore fresh perspectives and identify which parts of yourself you can count on.


My mission is to challenge you to live your most fulfilled life.

Our coaching alliance will help shift your beliefs to bring change in your life, through a deeper awareness of your own resourcefulness. I will hold you in a safe and courageous space that will evoke and support your transformation.

As an Accredited Co-Active Coach (ACC & CPCC), I will enable you to make conscious leadership decisions.

My coaching practice is based on the highest international standards concerning content, methodology and ethical guidelines of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Leadership Coaching
Performance Coaching
Professional Relationships Coaching
Value Identification & Alignment

HR Consulting

Are you a small business or a start-up? Do you need help sorting out your HR practices, but don’t know where to start?

How I can help you optimize your Human Resources to align with the business strategy:


Born in The Netherlands and living in Switzerland since 2005. I have a background in HR Business Partnering and Talent Management before taking the entrepreneurial path to become an HR Consultant and Recruiter. 

I started my coaching journey in January 2021 and loved every moment since. Coaching allows me to provide my clients with a more holistic approach to their careers, as well as their lives.

I speak English, French and Dutch.

Three things I love: